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I have always wanted to write about the skill required in “thinking”. For many years, I have encountered people who also say “I am thinking too much” and I wonder what really they are thinking about. This “thinking” never comes to an end and I wonder so why they think at all.

When I discuss with these kinds of people, I realize that they have beautiful vision but something is always missing- REALISM. It is very important to be realistic in ones vision building. Without this, it will be difficult or even impossible for any vision to be established. Creating your vision in line with available and attainable resources is very important for any vision to be achieved.

 One thing I would like to share in this article is the important of SWOT analysis in the creation of vision/dreams/ambition- whatever you want to call it. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. I am sure a lot of you might have heard about this, but do you know how to implore this in your thinking process? If you are just reading about this, felicitation! **In my Anglo-Franco accent**.

From experience, I realized that a lot of people who knows about the SWOT analysis only apply it when they are dealing with official strategic planning for their various organisations. In most cases, they are compelled to do so. Often times, I have shared with people that the analysis could be applied to all thinking processes including when one is planning an activity in ones life.


Your strength is that which is innate and can only be controlled by you. They are factors that will impact your activity positively. You conceive it and you can implore it as you like- in the conduct of your activity. Usually, assessing your strength gives you the sense of achieving that dream of yours. Usually, I would say that if you do your assessment and your strength is limited, you might want to revisit your dream. It is better to be more in control in achieving your dreams than when you have to rely on A, B or/and C.


Your weakness is also innate and can only be controlled by you. Conversely- they are factors that will impact your activity negatively. It is important to be very honest in identifying ones weakness. I know this is difficult but it is necessary if you really want to achieve that beautiful dream of yours. Weaknesses can be eradicated if you work on them by utilizing your strength maximally and taking advantage of your opportunity.


Opportunities are often mistaken for strengths. This is dangerous. For example: I want to own a car by November 2012 and my father promised to buy me this car. This is an opportunity I have. My strength will be if I have that 6 million Naira to by the Hyundai ix35 for myself.

In essence, you cannot control opportunities. It is somewhat out of your power. Anything can happen, my father may decide not be buy me the car because I refused to study Theatre Art instead of Law. Opportunities are controlled by external factor and this should be noted.


Your threat may be regarded as those environmental obstacles that will have negative impact on your dreams. Just like opportunities, threats are controlled by external factors. They are in no way your weaknesses because you may not have the power to avoid/stop them. However, your strength may help to reduce the manifestation of your threat. This is why you must consider more strength in a thinking process.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy that the SWOT should be considered at the same time. Do not analyze the S without the WOT. It is as better as not analyzing at all. I have realized that most times when people “think” they only have their S in mind, forgetting the WOT. For me, this is no proactive thinking process. The SWOT will help you in identifying how to ACT. After your SWOT, you might even realize that you have been less ambitious.  Where you have been over ambitious, your SWOT result will help you in revising your ambition to a more feasible one. Mind you, you have to be SMART in your thinking process and in defining your ambition. SMART is another acronym I will write about soon.

The SWOT analysis should not be a difficult task. It is just what I call constructive thinking. It is a waste time if you go into a thinking process and you do not come out with a list of immediate tasks. You are just better not thinking at all. you will be forgiven for not making effort.

Have a good Sunday.

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