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bloodhandsJungle justice is rising on top of the issue of corruption in Nigeria. The news of incidences of jungle justice in the country is becoming alarming. Hardly would a week pass without news of an angry mob perpetrating this horrendous act. The irony of jungle justice in Nigeria is the normalcy it enjoys even when the case is being reported to the police. Based on personal speculations, an unfortunate reality is that most people involved in this act are in the median age of 27 years. These are young people who could be more active in challenging the deteriorating political and economical situation in the country.

Thanks to the social media, there has been information of several incidences of jungle justice such as the ALUU 4, the two young men lynched in Badagry before the Police, the Ejigbo 2, alleged homosexual men paraded in South East Nigeria, an intersex person disgraced in Sapele (South-South Nigeria), a heterosexual couple forced to have sex in public because they were tagged adulterers and another homosexual male couple suffering the same, a group of girls allegedly lesbians forced to have sex and beaten by angry men, the 14 homosexual men who risked being lynched in a village in Abuja and just three days ago an headline read “Resident of Calabar resort to jungle justice”. The list is endless. Googling “Jungle justice”, out of curiosity, the first 10 searches found are related to Nigeria, leaving me to realize how intensified the situation is in the country.

A close study at the situation revealed that the victims of this jungle justice had been certain vulnerable groups in the society including, women, girls, young people as well as person who had been identified not to conform to hetero-normativity.

Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that everyone in the country is a potential victim of this sad act. There is a popular saying that “the monkey that ate the neighbors banana is around the corner to pick yours as well.” Thus, it is important that we (all Nigerians) begin to discredit every act of jungle justice and challenge the law enforcement agencies to act.

It is a very difficult task to analyze the attitude of jungle justice in any society but a few things are apparent. A society may result to jungle justice where there is lack of confidence in law enforcement, access to justice and rule of law: all of which provides the enjoyment of impunity to all.

Impunity is an epidemic to the sociology of Nigerian society with so much of opportunistic infections such as corruption, assassination, kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, terrorism and mob justice. It is compensating to the mind to not think of Nigeria to be a lawless country. There are laws that deal with all forms of crimes, however obnoxious some of these laws could be, they exist. Law enforcement seems to apparently be a weakness.

Pressure groups should come out more strongly against the culture of impunity, without which development in Nigeria will remain a fantasy. Development in any given society would not sit well without a disciplined citizenry and this is not in any way diving into the very complex discourse of morality.


  1. Wonderful write up..the fabric of Nigeria’s societal integrity is clearly becoming unwoven with these series of heinous acts. The impact of pressure groups is fading away with the trite nature of these solemn events. The best course of Action is a bill aimed at punishing these offenders..

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