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You will be surprised that I did not give the popular title about the Nollywood actor- who was imprisoned for having “sexual intercourse with another man through the anus”. Last tuesday, After returning from my morning routine of 1 hour jogging and taking the opportunity to know my new French neighbourhood for the next few months, I received a message from a Friend in Nigeria on whatsapp about the news of the Nollywood actor sentenced. The message was a replica of the story written and published by premium times- reporting the case of the Nollywood actor. I read the story more than once to understand what really the judgment was about. 

Firstly, I wondered what offence under Nigerian law the Nollywood actor was convicted. From the story, I read three things: Rape, Sodomy and Homosexuality: but unfortunately the story about the judgement was not clear on these three concepts. In Nigeria female rape is illegal and by section 214 of the Nigerian criminal code Sodomy (Anal sex-regardless of which sex is involved) is also illegal, section 217 of the same code criminalizes sexual intercourse between males i.e. male homosexuality only. It is important to note however that male rape is not represented in the Nigerian criminal code, therefore “Men can be raped, no one cares!”

I assume that some stories about the arrest of this man must have been out a few months ago (pardon my ignorance) and I am not sure any of these stories reported whether the case of the purported abuse was consensual or not. In my own opinion, there is an information gap about the whole story on this matter. It is apparent that the Nollywood actor was neither sentenced for rape, sodomy nor homosexuality. All of these three crimes is a case of felony in Nigeria and attracts up to 14 years imprisonment. 

It is quite saddening that the Nigerian media could not be proactive enough to derive and provide enough information about the case and judgment before presenting us with very typical sensationalized story of a “Gay Nollywood actor”. This kind of story is detrimental not only to the minority gay population but also to the Nollywood industry. I won’t be surprised that the every busybodied Nigerian journalists will start witch-hunting Nigerian artist to know who is Gay or Lesbian.

 For some reason, I also think that the Nollywood actor must have been a victim of circumstance and must have pleaded guilty on duress. From his account, he had sex with the guy indeed but in fact what as the “abused guy” doing that he couldn’t run for his dear life? He must have gazetted his ass properly for the Nollywood actor to do him nicely- of course the Nollywood actor was not drunk ( I am sure he lied). 

I imagine a scenario that the Nollywood actor must have been a victim of blackmail and extortion, which is very common and spread faster than the speed of light in Nigeria and many other countries where same-sex intercourse is illegal. Perhaps, the Nollywood actor did not cooperate, this landed him behind bars- the “extortionist” found every possible ways to make sure that he frustrate the actor to cooperate- and it turned out this way.

This case must have been very daisy to the Magistrate- who I imagine has very little knowledge about the gay community and the possibilities of crime that can be committed therein. 

Apparently, there is a gap of information in this case, which should be hunted. Nigerian journalist abeg do your busy body go this direction. Can you get the victim interviewed? How did he find himself on the bed of the Nollywood actor? Abeg I wan know.


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