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10520675_10152996545819636_8856825851701350551_nThe concept of human rights has developed over the years with valid explanation that fundamental rights are guaranteed based on the minimum denominator of being human on the surface of the earth. Regardless, several persons and groups of people still unfortunately suffer violence for lack of will by decision makers to take these issues seriously. Globally, women, children and minority groups still suffer violence and human rights abuses that further exclude them socially and politically, invariably accounting for the slower pace of development in the world.

The International Human Rights Day offers the opportunity to collectively express condemnations of stigma, discrimination and violence that people suffer for many reasons of being. The year 2014 saw devastating violence suffered by people based on their gender, age, sexual orientation, creed and cast. While, one might be modest to think that the concept of equality is superficial, it is believed that the world can be a better place when inequality becomes less and less apparent within the society we live. Human rights violations are terrifying to every sane individual, making discrimination and abuses very distasteful.

In my country of origin, Nigeria, human rights issues are grave and politicking identities exacerbates the intensity of abuses that all its citizens experience. The human rights abuses in Nigeria range from insecurity, lack of social protection to political manipulations, all of which are worsened by corruption lived in all sectors. It is therefore logically to link the slow pace of development in Nigeria to the very low human capital impacted by human rights violations. One would acknowledge that human rights discourse is vast which explains the very easy way to be inclined to selective activism. But, one thing is clear: discrimination of humans for whatever reason is unacceptable and should be in fact criminalized to curb the excesses of the human person.

The 2014 human rights day is a significant reminder of the responsibility we all share to ensure that we live in a better world. This year’s UN slogan for the day is #rights365 and I am honored to be part of a local campaign themed: #FreeAndEqualNaija. It is with hopes that as we strive for a world that progresses, we will be share a common goal of respecting difference that exist amongst us and leverage on this uniqueness to promote enjoyment of human rights by all.

 Happy Human Rights day!!!

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