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The debate of “Mariage pour tous” has finally being opened for discussion in the French National Assembly yesterday Tuesday 29th February. Obviously, there will be a heated discussion on this bill that attempt to open marriage to every homosexual couple that desire to be in a legal matrimony other than the Civil Partnership already provided through PACS.

From my observation of the discussion so far, the argument between the rightist and the leftist is shifting away from who can get married and moving towards who can be a parent. It is a shame that the conservatives continues to seek where to knot the tie of discrimination at every stance of failure. According to France24 poll: 69% are in favor of marriage for all but only 49% are in favor of adoption for all or even parenting for all.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to participate in a debate titled “Adoption for all”. A theme which implies that when the “Mariage pour tous” bill is passed and the laws of adoption remains the same, homosexual couples will be able to adopt children and raise them in a family. Hence the new fight in France. Watch the broadcast here.

Acknowledging that homoparenting already exist in France, one would wonder if there isn’t an empirical data that shows that same-sex couples are able to raise kid as well. This is in no comparison with heterosexual couples. Therefore I will not dig into who raises a child better. In my experience in life, I have always found a reason to argue. If I would argue against adoption for homosexuals, I would also think if that would stop homoparenting in any way. I am very informed that a Gay man’s sperm is able to fertilize an ovary and all things being equal a lesbian ovary is capable of being fertilized. If I were a conservative, I would give up on the argument and reserve my energy productively.

I understand the position of conservatives in their quest to preserve the planet earth and their ideal minds on what a society should be and how it should be governed. However sadly, this is a detrimental move towards enabling a free and fair society where everyone should be able to express his or her potential to the maximum- of course with reasonable consideration of its effect to humanhood.

In my head, I think of homoparenting and adoption by homosexuals as two different concepts. I think that circumstances define these concepts better. I feel that a heterosexual person can be found engaging in homoparenting while a child adopted by homosexuals could also experience heteroparenting. At what stage do we establish an exact dichotomy? At what stage do we establish the danger to a child? At what stage do we establish that homosexuals can’t be “good” parents?

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