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....sharing personal observations and views on politics and international relations, global diplomacy, humanitarian activities, human rights; including other current affairs; ...Masters degree holder in Global Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies of University of London; bilingual in English and French. Twitter handle: @sewedo_akoro


SEWEDO moderates panels at conferences and summits globally. Feel free to click on that "contact me" button to fix an appointment.


SEWEDO is very open to speaking engagements in any part of the world in other to contribute to discussions of equality and strategic involvement in advancing meaningful livelihood of ALL human beings. Feel free to click on that "contact me" button to fix an appointment.


SEWEDO is a human rights activist and discusses issues of violations that results from impunity and disregard of rule of law.

The Right to Accessible, Safe and Inclusive Learning Spaces

Conference Title: Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together.” Round table topic: “The Right to Accessible, Safe and Inclusive Learning Spaces”
 Presented on September 24th 2016 at the post-conference held at the UN Headquarter New York, USA. Introduction: I am privileged to...

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Fundamental human rights: the essence of being

The concept of human rights has developed over the years with valid explanation that fundamental rights are guaranteed based on the minimum denominator of being human on the surface of the earth. Regardless, several persons and groups of people still unfortunately suffer violence for lack...

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Nigeria: Reconsidering position on Rape.

A rights activist and the former Executive Director, Initiative for Equal Rights, Mr. Joseph Akoro, tells TOBI AWORINDE that the recent National Conference recommendation seeking life imprisonment for convicted rapists does not meet international standards What is your opinion on the proposition by the National Conference that convicted...

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